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The BuzzPark Raffle Enterprise Edition is our premier raffle software application. Comprised of three components, (Server, Workstation, and Internet) the Enterprise Edition provides scalability while capturing the efficiency and marketing power available with today’s technology.

[Software Screenshot]The Enterprise Server is the core of the Enterprise Edition. All ticket sale information generated in the three components of the Enterprise Edition are imported into and then stored in the Enterprise Server. All tickets are printed from a printer attached to the PC where the Enterprise Server is running (this is a standard personal computer). Tickets are printed onto pre-printed and perforated 8 ½” x 11" paper which we can supply.

[Software Screenshot]Included in the Enterprise Server are many simple and useful features which are designed to expedite and increase ticket sales. The Enterprise Server is based on the standard Microsoft Windows user interface with point and click functionality, pull down menus, navigation menus, and many other helpful features.

[Software Screenshot]Listed below are functions provided in the Enterprise Server:

  • Security: User name and password protected.

  • Set start ticket number as desired.

  • Enter ticket sales individually or by groups.

  • Review ticket entry session before saving or printing.

  • Track name, address, and phone number.

  • Track source of ticket sale via department field.

  • Departments are customizable.

  • Optional ticket printing upon sponsor information entry.

  • Ticket purchases can be reviewed through the selection query.

  • Ability to edit sponsor information.

  • Ability to print or reprint tickets.

  • Import Workstation and Internet ticket sales.

  • Capture sponsors with previous bad checks.

  • Mail list generation.

BuzzPark Raffle Enterprise Edition pricing:
  • Enterprise Server (required): $2500
  • Enterprise Workstation (optional): $1500
  • Enterprise Internet (optional): $3000
    Cost Includes:

  • One user licence.
  • One year free technical support.

The BuzzPark Raffle
Software Suite

How does my organization purchase BuzzPark Raffle?

Your organization can purchase BuzzPark Raffle by contacting BuzzPark sales at:

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BuzzPark Raffle
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