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Choosing medical office software is simplified with DataSource. Through manage- ment of physicians, practitioners, patients, orders, procedures, diagnoses, claims, and other needed information. DataSource offers and easy-to-use system of data entry and retrieval.

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  • Performs on a stand-alone PC or network platform with migration capabilities for scalable data management and business growth.
  • Provides simple archive operation for storage and retrieval of critical operations data.
  • Offers stable administration functionality, securing distinct operations for specific users.

Insurance Claims
HCFA 1500 Compliant
Database Management
No IS Staff needed
Archive ability
Order Tracking
Insurance authorization tracking
Insurance verification tracking
Single provider/physician
Multiple provider/physician
  • Patient Statements
  • Patient Receipts
  • Claims
  • End of period reports

Data Entry and retrieval
Reports (Unlimited generation)
Patient Notes
Patient Ledger
  • Patient Balance
  • Line item accounting
Advanced search ability
Inventory Control
CPT Codes
Diagnois Codes

To obtain a Demo of the medical office software, send an E-mail to and request a DataSource DEMO, which we will gladly send to you. Be sure to include your phone number, E-mail address, and your mailing information.

In the Demo you will find the manual (an MS Word document). Be sure to print out a copy of this manual to guide you efficiently through familiarization with the medical office software.

How does my organization purchase DataSource?

Your organization can purchase DataSource by contacting BuzzPark sales at:

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BuzzPark DataSource
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